вторник, 21 июля 2020 г.

CIL Tools release

CIL tools is a set of software to work with Common Intermediate Language in .NET. It's an expansion of previously released CilBytecodeParser library. Besides the bytecode analysis library, it now also contains CilTools.Runtime library to load CIL bytecode of methods in external process's CLR instance and CIL View windows application to visualize CIL code.

Download CIL Tools 2.0 on Github releases

CIL View ClickOnce installer


CilTools.BytecodeAnalysis changes:

  • Rename CilBytecodeParser to CilTools.BytecodeAnalysis
  • Add dynamic method parsing support
  • Add syntax API
  • Rework CilInstruction with generics
  • Change the behaviour of CilGraph.ToString method to include only signature instead of full method code
  • Add CilGraph.ToText method to return full code
  • Add CilGraph.PrintSignature to output signature into target TextWriter
  • Fix bug that prevented correct decoding of TypeDef or TypeSpec tokens during signature parsing
  • Fix possible null refs in signature parser
  • Avoid first-chance ArgumentException when resolving tokens
  • Fix bug in MetadataReader.ReadCompressed
  • Fix ldflda/ldsflda instructions handling

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