суббота, 16 мая 2020 г.

WinForms Excel Library v1.2 update

Download WinForms Excel library 1.2 on Github releases

  • Fix null reference when trying to access active workbook
  • Fix exceptions when trying to delete temp file
  • Disable code that accesses Worksheet.ProtectContents in Excel 2016+
  • Disable APIs that add, remove or rename worksheets and open files in Excel 2016+ due to UI freezes (DisplayStatusBar, DisplayFormulaBar properties - can't be set after Excel is initialized; DeleteSheet, AddSheet, SetSheetName, MoveSheet, NewEmptyWorkbook, OpenFile, AddChart methods now throw NotSupportedException)
  • Fix SetActiveSheet and SaveIntoFile in Excel 2016+
  • Add new properties InitialSheetCount and SourceFile that can be set only before Excel is initialized
  • Add new method AddEmbeddedChart

WinForms Excel Library now works with Excel 2016, but with limited functionality:

  • You cannot add or remove sheets after InitializeExcel is called, but you can set InitialSheetCount before initialization to control sheet count.
  • You cannot open workbook files after InitializeExcel is called, but you can set SourceFile property before initialization to select workbook to open. If this property is empty string, control will be created with new empty workbook
  • You cannot add charts to new sheets, but you can add charts embedded to existing sheet with AddEmbeddedChart method
  • You cannot modify content of protected sheets (on older Excel versions library attempts to unprotect sheet)

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