среда, 31 марта 2021 г.

CIL Tools update 2.2

 CIL Tools 2.2 is released 

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Source code

Changes in this version:


  • Add support for dynamic methods on .NET Core (token resolution still does not work properly on .NET Core 3+ Linux)
  • Add support for constrained. instruction prefix
  • Add type definition disassembler
  • Add CilGraphNode.GetExceptionBlocks
  • Add CilGraph.GetHandlerNodes
  • Implement IsAssignableFrom on TypeSpec
  • Fix exception on TypeSpec.IsValueType


  • Add support for dynamic assemblies
  • Implement IsAssignableFrom on ClrTypeInfo
  • Improve performance of some ClrTypeInfo methods

CIL View

  • Add Open BCL assembly dialog
  • Add navigation history
  • Add partial support for 64-bit processes
  • Add support for dynamic assemblies
  • Add exception analysis
  • Disable wrapping in search textbox
  • Method navigation hyperlink now spans only over the method name identifier, instead of the whole method reference syntax
  • Method navigation hyperlink is no longer underlined (to fix cases where it was obscuring _ chars in name)
  • Improve performance of "Open process" by preloading assemblies from files instead of reading target process memory, where it's possible
  • Fix null reference on typedref parameter
  • Fix unhandled exception when opening file on background thread
  • Fix token resolution bug after navigating to generic method instantiation
  • Fix crashes on access to disposed assemblies

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